A light-hearted podcast with four experienced agents who share real life stories and occurrences throughout their years in the business, with a side of bitchiness! Every month Alan Calimbas, Vivian Yu, Matt Cain and Adam Graham come together to dish about life in the industry completely unfiltered for your ears & eyes only! You’ll laugh (maybe), you’ll cry (probably not), you’ll learn (that’s the hope) and you’ll be left wondering ”WTF!?! Did they just say that!?”

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Meet Your Hosts

Alan Calimbas

With a background in the music industry and customer service, Alan values the power of teamwork and collaboration in achieving success. He has spent his career distinguishing himself by providing personalized strategies that align with his clients' needs, leading to strong and ongoing relationships with a diverse clientele. Within six years, he has achieved over $130 million individually and $240 million as part of a team.

Vivian Yu

Vivian, now a successful and award-winning real estate agent, was inspired by her mother's dream of owning a home in Vancouver. Determined to help her clients achieve their homeownership goals, she provides top-notch service and guidance throughout every step of the real estate process, drawing from her own experiences to ensure her clients' money is maximized in any market.

Matt Cain

Bio coming soon!

Adam Graham

A resident of downtown Vancouver since 2008, Adam has a strong appreciation for the beauty of Vancouver, BC. After successfully building and selling his financial practice in the Investment and Insurance industry, he now aims to combine his financial expertise with his love for Vancouver to help clients make sound decisions when purchasing a home and find a community that suits them.