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Real Estate and Rescue

Beyond the bustling world of real estate, Alan harbors a profound love for animals, particularly rescue dogs. His compassion shines in his efforts to rescue dogs from overcrowded shelters in Southern California, a region plagued by high rates of animal abandonment and euthanasia.Β 

Pearl's Rescue Story

A Rescue Tale of Hope and Compassion

Pearl’s story began with an urgent post on Instagram, shared on November 26th, highlighting her dire situation in a crowded US shelter. The situation took a critical turn when the shelter announced their decision to euthanize Pearl if she wasn’t picked up by 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Despite my pleas for an extension, the overwhelmed shelter could only offer a reprieve if I personally flew to Los Angeles.

Determined to save her, I embarked on a 2,200 km journey to LA, arriving just in time to prevent her untimely demise. Walking out of that shelter with Pearl was one of the most rewarding moments of my life, a true testament to the power of compassion and swift action.

Pearl’s first taste of freedom was a series of heartwarming ‘firsts’.Β 

“I originally rescued a dog so my girlfriend wouldn’t feel so lonely, but that dog had significant past life trauma and separation anxiety, leading us to rescue a second dog.

My love for dog rescue has unfolded from there.”

– Alan Calimbas

Spike's Rescue Story

A testament to the power of collective action.

Spike’s journey, starting from being surrendered as a puppy in 2011 to facing abandonment after 12 years with a family, is a poignant reminder of the fragility of animal welfare.

His story, however, took a fortunate turn thanks to a collaborative rescue effort, the rescue operation was a rapid, concerted effort involving several individuals including myself and Mitra Azar, annd Mina.

After a 12-hour drive by Tony (@oldcolonywolf)Β  to deliver Spike to his foster owner Shawn (@banaianshawn), Spike gets a chance to relish is golden years.

Clovis' Rescue Story

The Power of Community and Social Media.

In an inspiring demonstration of community effort and the power of social media, a group of individuals from Vancouver united to save the life of Clovis, a senior pitbull facing euthanasia in California. Clovis, who spent most of his eight years struggling for survival in harsh conditions, was rescued from a kill shelter in Coachella Valley just hours before his scheduled euthanasia. Despite his difficult past, marked by abandonment and living in an empty lot, Clovis displayed remarkable kindness. His rescue was facilitated by compassionate Californians who helped transport him to Los Angeles, from where he was flown to Vancouver for rehabilitation.

In Vancouver, Clovis began his journey of healing, receiving daily treatment for the infections and malnutrition that plagued his body. Surrounded by love and care, he has been making remarkable progress. The goal for Clovis is not only physical recovery but also the fostering of trust and the search for a forever family that will provide the loving home he deserves. Clovis’s story is a testament to resilience and the impact of collective compassion in giving a deserving animal a second chance at life.

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